About  Us

Bzone Consulting is dedicated to professional consulting and conference services in the fields of energy, chemicals, plastics, and new materials etc, keeping the ideals of being professional to stand and develop in the industry. Bzone, consisting of a team with many years of experience in information consulting and conference services, focuses on providing professional information consulting services and exchange opportunities, building information sharing platforms,

and assisting customers to develop businesses more efficiently in the rapidly changing market environment.

Conference ServiceCovering fields including automotive, rail transit, aerospace, industrial consumer goods, packaging, medical, new materials, smart

manufacturing, rubber and plastics, chemicals and metals etc.

Consulting ServiceFocusing on information consulting and customized reports in energy, chemical plastics, automotive and new materials etc industries.

Undertaking Project ServiceServing the overall planning, management, execution, and later stages of the project based on the individual needs of


Business SalonCustomized salon services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Brand PR Service Enhancing corporate brand image through public relations activities and enhancing enterprises and their new products release &

promotion efficiency through a variety of channels.

Our team has been rooted in the fields of energy, chemicals, plastics, automobiles, and new materials for many years. Through industry consulting, report

customization, forum organization, and course training etc, we have been keeping close contact with the entire industry chain and deeply development of the

industry, to build an exchange and cooperation platform and become a professional business partner.